• Roy Roger’s, autumn in New York

    Roy Roger’s, autumn in New York0

    Roy Roger’s presents the autumn-winter 2015-16 campaign, shot in NewYork. The testimonials of the new season are the Dutch model Bregje Heinenn, one of the favourites of Victoria’s Secret, and the Lithuanian Janis Ancens. “I chose New York because it is a city that belongs to our world,and because it is intrinsically international. It representseverything that

  • Neymar Jr joins Replay as ambassador

    Neymar Jr joins Replay as ambassador0

    FC Barcelona star player and Captain of the Brazil national football team, Neymar Jr, joins Replay as ambassador. The three-year partnership between the footballer and Fashion Box, holder of the Replay brands, captures both the burning desire for excellence and the strong sense of synergy shared by the Brazilian champion and Italy’s leading premium denim

  • Itineraries – Cheers!

    Itineraries – Cheers!0

    Fashion and everything fashion-related, including yarns and fabrics, is one of the links between Florence, Milan and Paris, the cities that in Europe and throughout the world are commonly associated with the “best of” when it comes to style, quality and elegance. Now, we could easily replace the word “fashion” with “wine” and we would

  • Fairs, one novelty leads to another

    Fairs, one novelty leads to another0

    We find that the change in the international trade fair schedule amounts to a little “Copernican Revolution”. This is the impression that we, as experts in the field, have on the eve of the presentation of this latest Showcase issue, a magazine which had grown used to the routine, to the settled and reassuring alternation

  • Lanificio Bisentino, prophets at home

    Lanificio Bisentino, prophets at home0

    Seventy years ‘young’, Bisentino is a historic name in the Prato district, a company managed by the third generation of the Gramigni family (Lorenzo, Giuditta and Giovanni), which since 2010 has been leading a new cycle of changes, including a move to new headquarters in Comeana, after having left behind the places and images of

  • Girani, when tradition meets research and technology

    Girani, when tradition meets research and technology0

    With more than twenty years of experience in the fashion world, an endless pursuit of innovation, and a constant presence at principal fashion fairs on both the European scene and beyond, Girani is a cornerstone of the Como district. We talk with Giancarlo Girani on the eve of the resuming summer fair. The trade fair

  • Bruno Decker and the birth of e-commerce

    Bruno Decker and the birth of e-commerce1

    In a world of digital technology, there are a lot of clothing items and accessories that move virtually from one continent to the next by exploiting the Net’s power. Many are the websites that were born over the years, and many are the Italian companies (though the percentage is lower in that found in other

  • Gruppo Colle <br> In the name of ethics

    Gruppo Colle
    In the name of ethics

    Riccardo Bresci Matteini and the green & blue economy In the line for president of Prato’s Association of Industrialists, a precursor in the field of alternative energies, very active in the district’s process of innovation, Riccardo Matteini Bresci (in the center of image) is one of the key figures of Prato’s textile production. A partner

  • An hard job that conveys emotions

    An hard job that conveys emotions0

    The heritage of Italian craftsmanship, the Italian know-how to be preserved and handed down, the uniqueness of jobs that require time, patience and will, despite our fast-paced and fast-changing world, and need to be taught to young people. The conference on “Italian Fashion in the World” organized by Ernst & Young, offered the chance to

  • Alessandro Barberis Canonico – An experienced optimist

    Alessandro Barberis Canonico – An experienced optimist0

    Alessandro Barberis Canonico is the managing director of Vitale Barberis Canonico, a company which has been producing top-quality fabrics since 1663, and the newly-elected president of IdeaBiella. The former vice-president, he succeeded PierLuigi Loro Piana at the head of the association, which is what our first question is about. President, you have received a “heavy



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