View Premium Selection, good numbers and affairs

View Premium Selection, good numbers and affairs

Making its strongest appearance ever, View Premium Selection last week presented over 400 collections for Autumn.Winter 19/20 from selected, international suppliers. After two continuously and very well attended days at the fair, View closed on a clear 17% increase in visitors.

This is also impressively reflected in the concluding feedback from both visitors and exhibitors alike. VIEW’s strategy and orientation as a platform for the industry, but above all WITH the industry, has been accepted, acknowledged and what’s more: it is really being lived out in real life.
After two busy days at the trade fair a very similar summary came from Thomas Püttmann who, like Max Müller, TTG and Tex-Research, presented his complete portfolio at the View Gallery for the second time now and who has already confirmed participation at View Premium Selection from 4 to 5 December.

In the intense conversations and discussions at the stands, in the aisles but also over lunch or sundown drinks in the summery styled outdoor area, pricing and the drastic rise in exclusive developments were the most debated topics. Here, more than ever, suppliers are required to implement customer requirements quickly and creatively. This necessitates maintaining a permanent dialogue with many staff. The creative process of fabric selection and collection design is increasingly being finalised at Munich Fabric Start running from 4 to 6 September.

The quantities ordered from fabric suppliers tend to be smaller and smaller. This requires keen calculations – and this was a view held unanimously among stakeholders. However, necessary price increases due to low margins are currently hard to assert on the market.

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