• The start of Chic Online

    The start of Chic Online0

    The first CHIC ONLINE recorded 1,350 participating exhibitors, over 100 online activities, over 60 live media reports, and up to 157,403 visits from April 22 to 24. The current difficult global economic situation caused by the corona pandemic is causing companies to look for new solutions for their business opportunities. With CHIC ONLINE, their first digital trade

  • Another 15% increase in visitors at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics

    Another 15% increase in visitors at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics0

    Back-to-back visitor increases of 15% have solidified Intertextile Apparel’s status as a global apparel textile flagship. 94,661 visitors from over 110 countries & regions attended the fair (2018: 82,314, 104 countries & regions). Aisles in six exhibition halls saw a sea of visitors, as the quality, variety and innovation of the textile options on offer

  • Legalità e sicurezza nelle imprese

    Legalità e sicurezza nelle imprese0

    E’ in corso di svolgimento oggi alle 16 presso la sede direzionale CNA TC di Prato l’incontro sul tema “Piano lavoro Sicuro: Cna World China insieme alle imprese. Da una prevenzione “imposta” ad una crescita di responsabilità”. L’iniziativa è promossa da CNA Toscana Centro con il suo Raggruppamento CNA WORLD CHINA e il  Portavoce Wang

  • Intertextile, why source there?

    Intertextile, why source there?0

    Last week’s article saw the benefits of attending Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics as an Italian exhibitor, but why source there? At last year’s edition, Italy was among the top 10 visitor countries & regions – read on to discover why. From 27 – 29 September, around 70,000 buyers* from some 100 countries will source at

  • Yarn Expo, the event attracts 15% more buyers

    Yarn Expo, the event attracts 15% more buyers0

    Yarn Expo continued its evolution into the industry’s most comprehensive and effective business platform with its Spring Edition which concluded last week with a large increase in the buyer figure, as well as another year of growth in the exhibitor number. Strong demand was evident for recent growth areas of the fair such as synthetic,

  • CHIC Autumn with many surprises

    CHIC Autumn with many surprises0

    CHIC Autumn welcomes around 850 exhibitors – thereof around 400 from 20 foreign nations and regions – at the National Exhibition & Convention Center in Shanghai. The immense consumer market with over 1.3 billion people is worth to be discovered and to be dealt with. Whilst China is the world’s largest driver of luxury market

  • Cinte Techtextil, products from Europe

    Cinte Techtextil, products from Europe0

    October’s Cinte Techtextil China is shaping up to be one of the most diverse yet as more of the country and region pavilions begin to take shape, with each one featuring a range of exhibitors from different product groups and application areas. The fair boasts pavilions from Belgium, Germany, Italy, South Korea and Taiwan, as

  • China Fashion Association ritorna a Milano

    China Fashion Association ritorna a Milano0

    Continua la partnership tra Camera della Moda Italiana e China Fashion Association, che porta la creatività d’Oriente sulle passerelle di Milano Moda Donna. Questa collaborazione porta infatti in Italia designer e marchi asiatici, affinché possano incontrare gli addetti al settore europei. Un accordo siglato e rinnovato recentemente, per sviluppare una strategia comune che valorizzi le



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