Tamborini-Urso, strategies and decisions on the table in Rome

Tamborini-Urso, strategies and decisions on the table in Rome

There was a meeting in the Roman rooms of the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy between the President of Sistema Moda Italia Sergio Tamborini and Minister Adolfo Urso.

Tamborini brought to the minister’s attention the situation regarding the tax credit for research and development, which is damaging the sector by not considering sample and collection activities as precisely research and development activities and therefore eligible for incentives.

Also on the table were the measures under discussion at the Ministry that may have an impact on the textile sector: the draft delegated laws on the reform of incentives for companies, on the protection of ‘Made in Italy’ and on industrial property.

An in-depth study was also requested on the state of the art of the regulations on the textile EPR, which also envisages a synergy with the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy and on which Sistema Moda Italia has also been talking for months with the Ministry of the Environment.

The last point discussed was reshoring, for which SMI has a proposal of support aimed at increasing the production capacity of garment manufacturing in Italy and in particular in Southern Italy. Urso proposed the continuation of strategic meetings to investigate all open issues.

“We welcome the openness on Sistema Moda Italia’s proposals,” said Tamborini at the end of the meeting, “and the interest in a supply chain of which Minister Urso has a deep

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